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Enjoy the many benefits of relaxing massage pto release tension and muscle knots in the neck and shoulders. This massage allows you torelieve stress,  relieve lower back pain,relax all the muscles from head to toe. Live a  unique experience adapted to your needs to finally let go! If you have headaches, migraines, stomach ache due to stress, this massage   is ideal to dissipate all your ailments! It uses different massage techniques such as effleurages, kneading, will bring you deep relaxation and a pleasant feeling of well-being!

Relaxing massage

Massage relaxant-dos-femme

In addition to boosting blood and lymphatic circulation, massage promotes the elimination of toxins by activating venous return. This pleasant moment of relaxation brings deep muscle relaxation. Tensions and accumulated pains diminish. Your skin becomes more supple, softer, daily stress and nervousness disappear, your mind calms down. You feel light and relaxed. You find serenity, balance and well-being.

Choose yourself the massage oil with which you want to be massaged from a wide selection.

Time     1H / 1H30 / 2H
Tarif       80€ / 110€  / 140€

Massage Relaxant

Time     1H / 1H30 / 2H
Tarif        90€ / 115€   / 145€

Hot Stone Massage

Native American massage known for thousands of years, hot stone massage is practiced using basalt stones of volcanic origin. The masseur  works slowly, with fluidity, to evenly distribute the heat of the stones throughout your well-oiled body. The touch is light to moderate. The handling of the stones varies according to the areas to be treated, alternating flat and sharp. Relaxation massage par excellence, let yourself be lulled by the soft music that surrounds you, close les eyes  and escape!

Do you like the heat? This massage aux stones chaudes is for you! In water heated between 50 and 65°C, the volcanic stones placed in key places (palms of the hands, feet, back, stomach, forehead, etc.) gradually diffuse the heat throughout your body. During this time, the masseur uses 2 other stones alternating the flat and the cutting edge to relieve muscle tension. The sharpness of the stone makes it possible to insist on tense muscular zones and to reduce or untie muscular knots, the dish promotes blood circulation and the relaxation of tissues. You relax slowly, deeply ... Intense relaxation guaranteed!

NB: Sensitive and heat-reactive skin, this massage is not for you!

Massage aux pierres chaudes pour dos de femme
Massage Pierres Chaudes

Targeted Massage

On a classic massage session where we will work on the whole body, it is almost impossible to effectively relieve all the sensitive and painful areas at the same time, especially if your daily routine (work, sport, family life) maintains or accentuate these areas of pain. It is therefore preferable and necessary to favor a targeted massage allowing the masseur to work on a defined muscle/joint area (neck/shoulders, back, thighs/legs (heavy legs, wrist, elbow, hip). The massage techniques used are similar to those used for relaxing massage combined with therapeutic treatment techniques such as Trigger Point or palpate-rolling The benefits of targeted massage are immediate, instant release of tense muscle areas, reduction of pain, reduction of inflammation caused by muscle knots (trigger point), physical and mental relief. Sessions vary from 30 to 45min (to be defined before the start of the session).This massage is ideal for appease  headaches, pain in the temples, relax the shoulders, soften the lower back. 

Short and personalized massage, the masseur insists on areas of recurring muscle tension that are difficult to relieve such as the neck, shoulders or lower back (lumbar), defined with the client. He uses different massage techniques such as Palper-rolling, deep sliding pressure, friction to increase blood circulation and release tension pain points, by expanding its scope of action aux surrounding muscle structures. Ihe session ends with relaxing massage maneuvers in order to relax the muscles in depth, eliminate the last tensions and promote a return to calm.

Time     30m / 45m​
Tarif          45€ / 65€

Massage Profond sur épaules
Massage Ciblé

Coming straight from the United States, the deep tissue massage (Deep Tissue Massage) is a relaxation massage par excellence. Deep doesn't mean painful! Massage popular with athletes for its multiple actions, in physical recovery, to relax the muscles, following an injury or simply after intense effort, it is also intended for people with persistent muscle tension caused by work or chronic pain due to physical inactivity or lack of physical activity. Unique, very slow massage technique that requires the use of hands, fists, forearms and even elbows.

The Deep Tissue method allows you to work the muscles in length and depth in order to relax them properly. The action of the massage also acts on the fascias (envelope of the muscle), the other structures which surround them such as the tendons, the ligaments, but also the other muscles. The Deep Tissue massage makes it easier for the skin to glide over the muscles, prevents the fascia from sticking together and therefore makes it easier for the muscles to glide over each other. American massage method very pleasant, gentle and super relaxing.

This specific massage is practiced on the whole body or on defined areas, shoulders, legs, back or lower back. For athletes, it promotes muscle recovery after injury or effort, brings deep relaxation of muscles and tissues, dissipates knotted areas and trigger points, greatly reduces pain and inflammation points. It improves problems back, promotes deep relaxation, reduces stress and improves the quality of sleep.

Full Body    1H   / _cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad-5Hcf2H
Tarif           _cc781905-5cde- 3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_           €80  /  €110 / €140

Zone Ciblée         30m /  45m
Tarif           _cc781905-5cde- 3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_           €45  /  65€

 Deep Tissue Massage 

massage profond sur dos femme
Massage Tissus Profonds

Still little known to the general public compared to hot stones, candle massage is beginning to find a place of choice in beauty salons, spas, treatment centers and massage practices! Pleasant massage at two speeds, the dynamic movements accelerate blood circulation, energize and promote lymphatic circulation and optimize venous return, while the slower movements allow you to release and relax the muscles, soften the surface tissues and in depth. On request, this gentle massage can be performed in an "ultra-relaxation" version, with rapid maneuvers being replaced by much slower, more intense movements...pleasure and relaxation  assured!!

Unlike lighting and decorative candles, massage candles do not contain any toxic or health-hazardous agents. They are made exclusively from 100% natural products such as beeswax and soy wax, mixed with vegetable oils (sweet almond, avocado, coconut, etc.), embellished with certain cosmetic ingredients such as essential oils or butter. of shea. None of the candles contain paraffin wax to ensure total quality of the products used.

Discover an amazing new way to get a massage in Luxembourg! A lighter, a candle and presto, voila!! The 100% natural massage candle, once lit, transforms beeswax or soya into delicately scented massage oil.
In your massage center in Differdange, you will select your preference from a wide range of candles proposed, floral, woody, gourmet, flowery etc... Once at temperature, the masseur pours the hot wax on your skin and the innovative massage can begin. The heat of the lukewarm oil soothes you and the rhythmic movements of the massage on your skin undeniably plunge you into a sweet moment of pleasure...

Massage At TheCandle

Time     1H / 1H30 / 2H
Price           _cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad58bad

Massage bougie femme
Massage Bougie

Foot massage

Do you have sore feet, hot, swollen, painful feet? Find a massage center in Luxembourg where we will take care of your little feet! The massage of the plantar sole and the foot in its enseems  will allow you to find a righteous person balance and more ease in your shoes.  If you have tense feet, tense soles, that your feet make you suffer, it isst time to sit down and take off your shoes! The purpose of this session is to release all the muscular tension accumulated in the arch of the foot, it eliminates cramps and restores flexibility and amplitude to the foot and ankle joints. Now get up and walk away with a light step!!

In addition to a pleasant sensation of pleasure, this massage drastically reduces the harmful and restrictive effects of walking, running and sports in general. It eliminates the unpleasant feeling of warming up that can be felt after being on your feet for a long time. The combined actions of this massage will act on the muscles of the foot as much as on those of the calf. It will soften the plantar sole (the sole of the feet), relax the muscles and nerve endings therein, increase the flexibility and amplitude of the foot joint. This massage will undoubtedly allow you to start again with a light step! 

Time     30m / 45m
Tarif         45€  / 65 €

The foot is the framework of the body, the weight of which it supports. Every day, our feet are subjected to harsh tests of tension, twisting, bending, crushing, overheating, and many other things.

Massage des pieds femme
Massage Pieds

External Services

Home massage

In order to welcome your practitioner in the best conditions:

Do you live in a house, an apartment?
Does your building have an elevator?
Do you have a free parking space available?
Do you have a large enough room dedicated to massage?

It is important, during a massage session at home, to be able to be isolated in order to find yourself with yourself and benefit as much as possible from the effects of the massage and thus allow you to let go. If you are not alone, it is better to have a separate room. The massages are performed one person at a time (no spectators) and if possible in a spacious, quiet room away from noise.

The reasons for hiring a home massage therapist are many and varied. Contact us and enjoy a pleasant experience that will awaken all your senses! Take advantage of authentic know-how for comprehensive care of your body, from head to toe! Lie down, close  eyes and let yourself be carried away! Whether this massage is to take care of yourself, to please your spouse or a friend, opt for a real moment of relaxation at home! Nothing could be simpler to find serenity, calm and balance. The Onde Alpha Massothérapie comes to your home to bring you a moment of pure relaxation! Penjoy  from a session of massage  personalized to measure in Luxembourg!!

If you would like more information on the course of the sessions, contact L'Onde Alpha Massothérapie by email at or by mobile phone at 621 260 097

Time     1H30
Tarif          Sur Devis

Massage Domicile

Massage In Society

You are the manager of un establishment  in Luxembourg or director of a Luxembourg company? Call a professional masseur at breast  from your company to thank your employees for their  collaboration  in your projects. Organize a Team Building day and place your day under the sign of benevolence. Consolidate the ties that unite you, show your colleagues that you care about their well-being at work. The Alpha Wave Massotherapy moves to your home!! En function of  the size of your company, the number of employees, and your budget, let's establish together the ideal solution to make your event a pleasant and unforgettable moment! Give your teams a smile and motivation to take your projects even further! Contact us by email at or 621 260 097.

Massage Société
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