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Thérapie par ventouses



Unexplained headaches, dizziness, nausea? Do you have pain in the neck, above the shoulders? Trigger Points or trigger points are compact, painful muscle nodules that form at the heart of muscle fibers. They appear after a session of physical activity, during repetitive gestures, when you stay in the same position for a long time, after a wrong movement. Passitive or active, they generate light or even imperceptible, moderate or very acute pain, often accompanied by more or less extensive inflammation. The pains, sometimes projected, can be felt far from their initial point (ex: a trigger in the shoulder can cause unbearable headaches!)...

Certain areas are more conducive to the appearance of these painful muscle knots, in particular the shoulders, the back, but they can appear almost anywhere on the body, neck, arms, back, thighs, calves. They are characterized in the form of more or less compact and imposing balls of flesh or strips of flesh, easily palpable under the skin, and more or less painful to the touch.

Through different massage techniques myofacial, le masseur advised attempts to dispel trigger points. Depending on the importance of the point or area to be treated, the extent and degree of inflammation, the recipient's pain tolerance threshold, the sessions are more or less intense. The work is deep, slow, with more or less strong pressure points. Some additional maneuvers are sometimes necessary to accentuate the pressure effect and untie a recalcitrant muscle knot. The therapist finishes with a few gentle massage maneuvers to promote good blood circulation in the muscle, loosen the last worked muscle fibers, allow  the muscle to return to calm and regain its initial shape. The person feelsa pleasant relief when tensions fade away. Several sessions may be necessary.

Time     30m / 45m
Tarif         45€  / 65 €

Trigger Points

Trigger point dos femme-massage trigger point-noueds musculaires dans muscles
Trigger Point
Sports massage on leg_edited.png

It promotes better recovery after exercise, while eliminating metabolic waste, limits the appearance of aches and contractures, brings relaxation and appeasement, while  facilitating the regeneration of the body.

Sports massage is practiced through different techniques such as light and deep kneading, palpate-rolling, deep transverse massage (MTP), cyriax (tendons and ligaments), tapping, vibration, sloshing (relaxation) and more maneuvers soft, slow and deep (Deep Tissue).

Sports massage has its place with professional and amateur athletes.In preparation, hestart the warm-up. The rapid movements of the activation massage, tonic, energetic,allownt to preheat the muscles before the effort, to increase the circulationand blood supply. They enable  to anticipate and de limit certain injuries such as strains, strains or tears. In recovery, the sports massage is much slower, deeper. It allows the muscles to relax, relax after exercise, to regain flexibility. Massage improves the circulation of  blood flow that brings oxygen and nutrients necessary for the proper recovery of muscle fibers.

Time     45m / 1H
Tarif         65€  / 80 €

Sports Massage

Massage cuisse femme après sport-massage sportif-relaxation-détente
Massage Sportif

Cupping Therapy

The suction effect of the suction cup causes blood congestion, resulting in an immediate analgesic effect which reduces pain. It helps to drain toxins, reduce inflammation, stimulate blood circulation, loosen certain muscle tensions. Apart from the sports field, suction cups are also used in aesthetics to fight against cellulite and improve the quality of the skin. They are also attributed other benefits such as improving digestion, promoting better sleep, relieving back pain, those in the shoulders or neck.

Cupping therapy has been widely used in high-level sports for several decades. Its use has been extended to amateur sportsmen and even in the aesthetic field against cellulite (orange peel skin) and for skin drainage. The air contained inside is sucked up using a pump (plastic suction cup) or expelled with a flame (glass suction cup) allowing it to remain stuck to the skin. The aspiration caused, more or less important, will cause more or less large and dark purple circles to appear, due to the dilation of the blood capillaries and the pores of the skin...

Cupping has been used for thousands of years on all continents and can treat, reduce or limit many pathologies (certain inflammations, blood circulation disorders, cellulite (orange peel skin), certain skin problems but also relieve muscle contractures, trigger points, lower back pain, or even injuries, sprains, fractures). Used in massage (by sliding), they drain the epidermis and improve skin texture.

Thérapie aux ventouses sur dos femme-massage aux ventouses dans cabinet de massage Differdange

Time     30m / 1H
Price       _cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b-5136€ 90_bad /€90_bad

Cupping Therapy

Stretching Session 

Stretching, a gentle discipline, restores flexibility and amplitude to muscles and joints. The exercises practiced, alone or with others, are aimed as much at athletes as at people who do not practice no physical activity. Stretched muscles regain flexibility and elasticity,  this discipline improves blood circulation In  the muscles which provides the nutrients necessary for their vitality.  It also improves joint ease, exercises adapted to tendons and ligaments, significantly improve your range of motion. You will notice a significant decrease in pain, a marked improvement in your posture and your movements. Through these exercises, you will promote your physical and mental well-being...

Time     1H
Tariff       _cc781905-5cde-3194-bb36b-58d€

Beyond flexibility and de the amplitude, stretching brings une decrease du stress, a pleasant feeling of relaxation and  relaxation, a gentle return to calm after an effort or a period of intense work. It allows you to reconnect with yourself, to know yourself better, to  reduce muscle pain (tension, trigger point), lower back pain, reduce aches, contractures, feel better about yourself, lighter, freer.

séance d'étirements en groupe sur tapis de sol-étirements-stretching femmes-strecthing hommes


NB: People with sensitive skin or having had certain pathologies such as a heart attack, blood or lymphatic circulation problems, certain oedemas should check with their doctor to find out if they can benefit from this technique.

It is the therapy by application of hot and cold. Very widespread in the field of sport, thermotherapy is too little known and used by the general public. Complementary to a massage session, it allows you to prepare or end your session. Thermotherapy is used differently depending on each case and will be adapted to your needs. Heat is generally used for muscle relaxation, body aches, contractures (neck, shoulders, legs, for example). Cold will be used instead to reduce or limit inflammation, bruises, sprains or muscle strains. The cold will cause a narrowing of the blood vessels and generate an immediate analgesic action which will numb the nerve endings and reduce or even eliminate certain pains. When the blood vessels return to their normal size, the increased blood flow will bring more oxygen and nutrients to the treated area, which will promote better recovery.

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