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Massage des épaules



Massage Relaxant




"Massotherapy" literally means "Therapy by massages".  


Used for thousands of years, it is practiced today through important anatomical and systemic knowledge and allows to acquire, depending on the training, a multitude of techniques.

The knowledge acquired allows us to better understand the functioning of the body as a whole, the location of organs, muscles and the various processes that allow the body to eliminate toxins.


The sum of all this knowledge therefore allows for more in-depth work adapted to each individual, which will allow you to improve your quality of life and reduce daily and recurring pain.

Massotherapy is an alternative manual therapeutic technique that brings together different massage techniques. It acts on both body and mind. The results obtained are observed at different levels of the human body. This method of care   is used in different areas (well-being, sport, aesthetics, medical supplement, relaxation, relaxation ).

Whether it's a relaxing massage as part of a wellness session, a toning massage as part of a sports massage,a session adapted to a skin problem such as lymphatic drainage against water retention or cellulite, the actions of the specific massage chooses will have multiple effects...

The benefits obtained are felt at the level of:

To release muscle tension, limit contractures, reduce body aches, prevent injuries, increase flexibility and promote muscle relaxation, accelerate muscle recovery after effort or injury, prepare muscles for exercise before a training session. sport or competition, increase muscle tone, bring renewed energy, eliminate toxins caused by effort.

To improve and increase blood and lymphatic circulation, to have better oxygenation of the organs and tissues, reduce or eliminate headaches, improve intestinal transit, promote une better digestion, reduce abdominal pain, reduce bloating,  have better elimination of toxins and waste.

To increase and improve joint flexibility, increase the amplitude of gestures and movements, reduce stiffness and pain associated with osteoarthritis.


To have soft, beautiful and supple skin, hydrated skin, to reduce the orange peel effect linked to cellulite and water retention, to improve quality, elasticity and tone_cc781905-5cde-3194- bb3b-136bad5cf58d_of the epidermis, to reduce scars, to refine the texture of the skin, to regain smooth and radiant skin and to improve the appearance of the skin of the body and face, to reduce stretch marks, to reduce wrinkles.






La Massothérapie
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